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Eco-Friendly Options for Sports Complex Design

environmentally friendly sports complex design

Environmentally Friendly Sports Complex Design Ideas

If you are interested in creating a new sports complex or recreation center, you are probably interested in helping your community be healthier. Besides providing the people in the area with a safe place to exercise, the right sports complex design can also keep the local environment healthier as well.
When creating your sports complex design plans, a few adjustments can make your building much more environmentally friendly. Sustainable and eco-focused building practices will reduce energy costs, reduce construction waste, and show that your sports facility is focused on keeping the community healthy.

Consider Alternative Energy Options

Depending on the location of your new sports facility, you may have several different energy options available outside of traditional electricity. Setting up your sports complex design plans to incorporate renewable energy sources, while a bit more expensive initially, can save you a significant amount of money in energy costs over time.
Some common types of alternative energy sources that you can incorporate into your sports complex design are solar, wind, and hydropower. If your new facility will be in a sunny location, solar power may be a good choice. Contact a local alternative energy company to see what your options are.

Use Locally Sourced Materials

Using locally sourced materials during the construction has many benefits. It reduces the energy costs to ship building materials in from outside of the region and the emissions that occur from those types of shipments. Local sources also mean the money you put into construction and development return to the local community. Your choice to use local materials in your construction will help create local jobs and boost the local economy.

Embrace Natural Light

Keeping lights on for long periods of time uses a significant amount of energy. A few simple choices during the sports complex design process can help you to not have to use so much energy throughout the day. Consider using skylights and windows to allow natural light into your complex or recreation center. Not only will this reduce your energy costs, sunlight also has positive effects on people. Happy customers and employees mean a well-functioning business.

Sports Complex Design with SFA

If you are interested in opening a new sports facility in your area, Sports Facilities Advisory can help! Our team of experienced professionals can help you with every step of the process from feasibility studies to sports facility management. For more information on how we can help make your sports complex or recreation center become a reality, check out the Sports Facilities Advisory website or contact our office today!

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