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Signs of a Successful ​Recreation Center

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Four things any recreation center should strive for.

As with any business, there are ways to tell if your sports complex, or recreation center, is finding success within its market. This ranges from the more obvious signs, such as profits, to a more personal level of success, such as your facility’s membership numbers. Here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we love seeing our clients rise to the top of their industry, so we put together a list of ways that you can measure your own success.

More Guests = More Success

One of the easiest ways to determine the success of your recreation center is by taking note of the people milling around inside of it. It isn’t as simple as taking a head count, because some visitors might be guests or newcomers fulfilling a short-lived New Year’s resolution, but there are tools to help.
Your sports complex is likely to have membership numbers or cards, which allow you to spot dedicated clients. When your clients check in at the reception area with their membership card, it helps you to keep track of how many full-time members are in attendance, as well as how regularly each of these members are active in your business. This information is essential to determining your rising success.

Continued Recreation Center Growth

When a brand new recreation center breaks ground and all of that facility planning finally pays off, it can be easy to get sucked into the notion that your business will always be as busy as it is in that first month. Growing a business, particularly one built on memberships and special programs, isn’t about the initial boom of newcomers, but the continued and steady growth of clients as time goes on.
Seeing your numbers stagnate, or decrease, is a sign that your recreation center needs a little TLC, or help from a professional team like our friendly staff here at Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management. If you are seeing a steady flow of clients as well as some growth over each quarter, you are most likely in the clear and on the road to success.

Modern Equipment and Classes

To a consumer, nothing screams “successful business” like having the capability to keep up in a growing industry by providing modern services and products. As a recreation center, you want to be sure that your team is keeping up with the latest workout classes and that equipment is well cared for and up-to-date.
Sometimes success is simply knowing that everything in your facility works properly, is maintained well, appears to be in new condition, and offers the client what they are looking for in a highly competitive world.

Steady Income

Finally, the most common way to measure success is by counting those dollars as they roll in. Seeing a steady income, even during the down season, means that you are doing something right. Keep an eye on your weekly stats, and watch for any dips in profit. If you worry about losing money, or falling behind the competition, give us a call here at Sports Facilities Advisory and talk to a professional about how we can help you improve the success of your recreation center.

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