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Renovating Your Old Sports Complex Building

SFM on renovating an old sports complex building.

Advice on Renovating Your Sports Complex

Is your sports complex in an older building? Even if your sports complex itself is new, an older building is likely in need of repairs, if not complete renovation. What is your best course of action when it comes to renovating or restoring the building your sports complex is in? Should you stay open, keep certain facilities open while closing others, or close completely? In this blog, Sports Facilities Management examines these questions and more.

Assessing the Cost: Is It Worth It?

Depending on the size of the building your sports complex is currently in, it may or may not be worth renovating an older building. If you own a younger business that set up inside an older building and you are still expanding, you might consider selling and relocating. While the charm of an older building kept in good condition is undeniable, it might end up costing you too much to properly renovate.

Is It Listed as a Historical Building?

Depending on where you are based, there are certain tax breaks available for owners of historical buildings, whatever they are used for. For example, if you are considering a historical building to convert into a sports or leisure complex, you could be eligible for tax benefits if you pledge to maintain the historical character of the property.
The benefit here is not just for your taxes either. An older, historical building housing a sports facility can really help you stand out. The tremendous amount of character held in older buildings that are well-maintained is unmistakable, and in an age of modern-looking sports complexes, a classic building with a modernized interior has a unique appeal.
With this in mind, it is important to remember that buying and maintaining a historical building can be costly in itself. As already mentioned, you will need to seriously assess whether the potential tax and marketing benefits are worth it, versus the cost of the general upkeep.

The Importance of Safety and Getting a Professional Inspection

One of these potential additional costs is finding the right people to carry out a renovation. Older buildings, especially those considered historical, more often require special care and skill.
Getting a proper inspection done before renovating an older building is important for the overall safety of your complex as well as for the value of the property. If you think the building is in need of renovating, make sure you thoroughly research any building, renovation and inspection companies you plan to use before you commit to one.

Should You Stay Open or Close Your Facility?

Deciding whether to keep your complex partially open or to close completely during renovations can be a tough decision. Staying open and simply shutting down work areas might be a viable option, but in an older building, it might also be risky.
Older types of insulation or unseen wear and tear that is exposed by renovation work are just two of many potential dangers to you and your users. Getting a proper inspection and assessment of the property done by a professional is the best way to decide on your course of action, along with making sure to follow their advice or instructions.

Contact Us About Sports Complex Management

If you are looking to renovate your sports complex, or you are researching whether or not to outsource facility management, Sports Facilities Management can help. Our professional team has experience in improving and revising the management of sports facilities both large and small. From HR services to staff development, we can make sure every part of your process is running smoothly. Contact us about facility management services today.

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