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Facility Management: Offering Internships

Facility management facts about internships.

Facility Management Fact: Should You Offer Internships?

When it comes to facility management for sports complexes or facilities, internships are certainly less common. Typically, internships are most often associated with office jobs rather than something more active like working as part of a sports complex team.
However, there can be as many benefits to offering internships as part of your actual facility management team as any other office or administrative job. In this blog, Sports Facilities Management goes over the benefits of offering internships in facility management administration.

Administrative Experience for Younger Employees

Getting administrative experience as a younger, inexperienced high school or college graduate can be tough. The longer young hopefuls spend either looking for work or working in an area where they are not especially passionate or enthused, the harder it is to find the job they want later on. Offering an administrative internship as a part of your facility management team means that you are offering the benefit of real work experience to someone who might not otherwise find it.

Finding Potential Employees for Your Team

Another benefit of offering an internship is that you can use it as an ongoing interview process. In many cases, especially when it comes to office and administration, successful internships will become entry-level jobs. The added perk here is that you are hiring a staff member who, through their internship, has become familiar with the workplace. This has the potential to cut back on training and general time fitting in among your team.

More Motivation

In most cases, interns are either still in school, or are recent graduates. Entering an already competitive market in the hope of gaining experience or even getting a job means that many young interns are eager to impress. With the right training, management, and guidance, you can take the motivation and enthusiasm of an intern and turn them into the best fit for a role.

Supporting the Student Community

Outside of the benefit hiring interns can have for the function of your facility management or administrative staff, you are also helping the next generation of workers. The job market for younger generations is tough, especially those with less experience or less specialized qualifications. An internship in the management of a sports complex or venue is a great foot in the door of an exciting and always-growing industry – and one that you could provide.

Outsourcing Facility Management

Whether you plan to offer internships in your facility management team, or you are just looking for advice and guidance, outsourcing management services could be your best option. Sports Facilities Management has helped countless sports facilities focus and improve their functioning, from their human resources to their staff, to their finances. Take a look at the services we offer or contact Sports Facilities Management today.

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