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Best Practices: Innovative Features in the Sports Complex Industry Today

Sports Complex Features

SFA Takes a Look at Some Innovative Features in the Sports Complex Industry

At Sports Facilities Advisory, part of our job is to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends in the sports complex and sports facility industry. Taking a look at some best practices and innovative features that have been implemented elsewhere can help us refine our process and help inspire ideas for the clients we work with. Today in the Sports Facilities Advisory blog, we take a closer look at some innovative sports complex features around the globe.

Race Yourself with Nike

In Manila, Philippines Nike created an installation that lets you compete against your most equal rival: yourself. The Nike Unlimited Stadium is a track that utilizes large LED screens to create a digital avatar of you which you can race. It records your time the first time around the track and then creates your avatar, which you can race and try and beat your time from the first lap. Talk about an awesome way to get you to push your limits! This installation was built to promote a new shoe from Nike, and they also built a soccer installation in Bangkok where players could dodge digital defenders on the way to the goal. This is a great example of pushing the limits of technology to give fitness enthusiasts a real challenge with a feature that anyone would be excited to use.

Creating Energy

Several gyms across the United States have been initiating tons of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Some examples include using solar panels, initiating a recycling program, using recycled material in construction, or even having a rooftop garden. But how do you combine being green with exercise in your sports complex? By converting that exercise into energy! More sports complexes have begun using their own customers to generate electricity, by connecting bikes, treadmills, and more to their power grid. This means not only do customers get their workout in, they help to create a better environment at the same time!

Alternative Sport Workouts

Basketball gyms, volleyball gyms, even soccer fields and baseball fields have become fairly standard additions to a sports complex. But some places push the bar even further. Additions such as wave pools that you can surf on and ice skating treadmills have pushed the sports complex industry into the world of alternative sports. These additions can give your sports complex a lot of publicity and possibly appeal to all new demographics.

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