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Facility Management and First Aid Training

Facility management and first aid training.

Facility Management Facts: Why First Aid Training Is Essential

An essential element of proper facility management is staff training. A major part of staff development and training that often gets overlooked is providing first aid training. In a place like a sports complex, having staff who are properly equipped to deal with a medical emergency or injury is vital. It is also well worth the investment. In this blog, Sports Facilities Management takes a closer look at first aid training and the role it plays in good facility management.

A Positive Work Environment

In a previous blog about the importance of staff development in good facility management, we explained that ongoing training is generally beneficial to the overall dedication of your workforce. Offering first aid training to your staff is one of the key ways in which you can do this. First aid training is not just beneficial at the time it is given – it is something that employees can take with them as they advance their careers.
While you certainly do not want to encourage your staff to move on to a new job, it is important that you offer training that they can take with them should they choose to. Demonstrating that you care about their development and their skill set outside of how it can benefit you shows genuine appreciation.

Promoting Teamwork In Your Staff

Beyond the long-term development of individual staff members, first aid training is also great for team building. Offering first aid classes or courses to numerous staff members allows them to train and learn together, strengthening bonds between them and creating a more cohesive work environment. It also means that your staff members know they can rely on each other in an emergency.

Reducing Accidents for Staff and Users

There is also the practical benefit of having staff members properly trained in first aid. Sports facilities and venues involve a lot of physical activity on a daily basis, and there is always the potential for accidents and injuries.
If you have staff properly trained in first aid, then you can greatly reduce the severity of any injuries. Whether it is through helping an injured player immediately, or being on hand to keep things calm and safe while emergency services arrive, reducing the occurrence of more serious injuries is essential.

Faster Emergency Response

Having staff members who can respond quickly and efficiently in an emergency lets your users know that you are serious about facility management. The reputation of your sports complex does not just rest on having the best equipment or the highest number of full-sized courts – it also rests on professionalism. Providing up-to-date first aid training for staff is one of the clearest ways you can do this.

Looking to Outsource Your Facility Management?

Outsourcing your facility management to an experienced and professional company like Sports Facilities Management can offer significant benefits for your sports complex. Whether you are looking for help with human resource, staff development or your facility’s finances, contact Sports Facilities Management today.

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