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Exciting University Recreation Centers

Universities have always built student recreation centers on their campuses to encourage health and fitness. These sports facilities continue to grow year after year as universities increase in size to expand their features to entice more and more students. Not too long ago, a university student recreation center might have had a few basketball courts, a football field, tennis courts and a workout room, but today the competition to provide the best experience forces universities to continuously improve.

Impressive College Recreation Centers

There are countless universities with beautiful recreation centers and this list is by no means exhaustive, but Sports Facilities Advisory would like to share a few of the more exciting student rec centers in the country.

University of Illinois

This center offers 340,000 square feet of space for sports and other activities. This space includes massive climbing walls, a room dedicated to weight lifting, personal training rooms, and a sauna. This makes the University of Illinois’ recreation center the largest such center in the state.

University of Akron

At 54 feet, the climbing wall at the University of Akron is one of the largest in Ohio. The center features multiple-court gymnasiums, racquetball courts, and a glass tower welcoming visitors to its climbing wall.

Colorado State University

An Olympic-sized pool isn’t enough for Colorado State University. They built a lazy river to help students relax and enjoy themselves during the busy school year. This sports facility is also one of the newest on the list and looks beautiful from the outside too, with a glass and natural stone exterior.

Temple University

Temple University excels in Division I basketball and continues to improve in football. The recreation center on campus drives this development with state-of-the-art facilities. One of the largest weight rooms in the nation resides in this recreation center. The newest edition to their center adds a climbing wall and driving range.

University of Missouri

A lazy river, deemed an “indoor beach,” and a jumbotron screen above the outdoor pool set apart this university’s sports facilities from many others. Add a spa, multiple racquetball and basketball courts, rooms for yoga classes and pilates, and this center has most all needs covered.

University of Cincinnati

The second largest sports complex on our list, this facility boasts more than 200,000 square feet of courts and athletic fields. Three pools, a climbing wall, and a suspended track round out the more exciting features of this facility. The architecture really sets this facility apart. The design looks bold, futuristic, and draws students in.

Work with Sports Facilities Advisory

At Sports Facilities Advisory, we know what entices people to your recreation center. We also provide feasibility studies to see what you need and don’t need in your facility. Contact Sports Facilities Advisory today to develop an effective course of action.

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