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Multi-Purpose Facility: Tips For The Summer Months

Park with multi-purpose facility during the summer

How To Best Utilize Your Multi-Purpose Facility During The Summer

If you have a multi-purpose facility, you know that the summer months can be a mixed bag. Most kids are out of school, for instance, but they may be spending all their time at the local pool.
So how can you best utilize your multi-purpose facility during the summer months? How can you get your community involved when it is still warm outside? In today’s blog post, Sports Facility Advisory will look at how you can stay busy during the summer.

Offer Summer Programs For Students

While students might love the three months of freedom they enjoy each year, it is a bit more of a headache for parents of younger children. A great way to drive community involvement for your multi-purpose facility during the summer is to offer summer programs for students. This allows parents the security of knowing that their child is in a safe environment while also getting students acclimated to your facility.
These programs can range from sports leagues to pool programs. You can even schedule special events throughout the summer for students to take advantage of, like field trips or pool parties.

Utilize Your Space

While your multi-purpose facility likely has a gym and a pool, it also likely has a decently sized lawn. During the summer, kids want to be outside, so offering a bunch of indoor programs isn’t always the best plan. Be creative and utilize the grass and parking lot space you have available for special events.
Host a Color War or a city-wide water balloon fight. Have a fair in your parking lot. There are any number of special events that you could host outside of your building that are both cheap and exciting for the kids of your town.

Make Summer Involvement Affordable

At SFA and SFM, we understand that you have to make money to keep your facility running. If you have a gym, offer a summer deal where students can pay to get in all summer. You can do the same for a pool or a fitness center. You have an influx of students looking for something to do, so offer them deals that they can’t refuse.

Contact SFA For Multi-Purpose Facility Help

At SFA, we specialize in getting your multi-purpose facility up and running. However, we also help facility planners get the most out of their facility. For more information, contact us today at (727) 483-7910 or contact us online.

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