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A Beginner’s Guide To Development Funding

The Beginner’s Guide To Development Funding For facility developers, development funding is often the biggest obstacle to their projects. This is especially true of those developing community centers on a city or town budget, which can often mean you are funding your project with scraps. There isn’t a more stressful aspect of developing a facility […]

Sports Complex Design And Your Funding

Sports complex design with soccer field

How Does Sports Complex Design Factor Into Funding? For community or recreation center developers and builders, funding is an obstacle that you won’t be able to avoid. Whether you are getting most of your funding from the town or city you are in or putting together your own campaign for funds, you are going to […]

Community Center: Why Isn’t Our Town Utilizing Our Facility?

Empty playground in community center

Why Isn’t The Community Using Our Community Center? Developing and building a community center is an exciting thing. It takes years of hard work and effort, so when you finally see that building completed, it feels good. However, that’s only the beginning of the job. The center was built so that the community would have […]

Indoor Sports Facilities: Common Misconceptions

Indoor sports facilities swimming pool

Common Misconceptions About Indoor Sports Facilities For facility developers, deciding whether or not your complex will be an indoor facility or an outdoor facility is among the most important decisions you will make. While some sports require indoor facilities, most can be played outside as well and for that reason, it is often more common […]

Facility Planning: Five Common Mistakes Made

facility planning meeting

Five Common Mistakes Made In Facility Planning Community centers can be a great way to bring a town or city together and give children and parents alike a destination that is both safe and affordable for some family fun. However, when developing a community center, a great deal of facility planning comes into play, and […]

Utilizing Your Land When Expanding Your Community Center

Swing on a swing set in community center

How To Best Utilize Your Land When Expanding Your Community Center For people running a community center, it can be easy to lose track of a long-term plan during the day-to-day. However, as your town and the reach of your facility grows, you might find yourself needing to expand or find ways to better facilitate […]

Development Funding: How Do Taxes Factor In?

Equipment used with development funding and to analyze taxes

How Do Taxes Factor Into Development Funding For most facility planners, development funding is always a tricky venture. Not only do you need to find funding for the project, but you need residual funding for your facility once it is complete. For many facilities operating with the aid of their city or town, taxes can […]

Multi-Purpose Facility: Tips For The Summer Months

Park with multi-purpose facility during the summer

How To Best Utilize Your Multi-Purpose Facility During The Summer If you have a multi-purpose facility, you know that the summer months can be a mixed bag. Most kids are out of school, for instance, but they may be spending all their time at the local pool. So how can you best utilize your multi-purpose […]

FF&E: What You Need For Offseason Football Programs

FF&E football blocking sled

FF&E Needs For Offseason Football Programs For football coaches, it is no secret that players, parents, and fans alike look forward to football being played under the Friday night lights and not so much the training that comes before. However, as all football coaches know, that training is what enables you to win games on […]

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