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Multi-Purpose Center: What to Offer

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What Programs and Events To Offer At Your Multi-Purpose Center

A multi-purpose center is often the best financial option for people looking to invest in a sports complex because they give you versatility. A complex that can host multiple sports and/or events is naturally going to bring in more revenue. However, there are limits to this strategy, specifically when you begin to exchange the quality of your hosting for more programs and sports. So how many programs and sports should you offer, and which ones go well together? In today’s Sports Facilities Management blog post, we provide some answers.

Why Is Having Too Many Programs Bad?

On the surface, it makes sense to have as many programs, leagues, and events as possible at your multi-purpose center. However, if you host events or run leagues in your facility when the facility does not have the capacity to run them, the quality of those programs will suffer. And beyond that, the programs your facility is built to run will also suffer. The attraction of multi-purpose facilities is often in the quality of the facilities themselves–i.e., gym floor, turf, etc.–and athletes want a facility that fits their needs.

How Is Having Too Many Programs Bad?

When you overstretch your limits as a facility, the quality of your programming and your facility is going to go down. Let’s say you are own a basketball gym and you want to have a flag football league. Your schedule is already jam-packed with basketball and volleyball tournaments, but you move some practices around to fit it in. Not only is your schedule now affecting your biggest revenue stream in basketball and volleyball, but your gym wasn’t built for flag football. Everything is impacted and the athletes will notice.

How To Find The Right Balance

If you own a multi-purpose center, it is designed for multiple purposes. You just have to find the right ones. You have to find the right programming, events, and leagues for your specific multi-purpose center. And these combinations are not typically difficult to find. If you want to supplement your basketball and volleyball programming for your gym, add dodgeball or weekend youth activities. Just be sensitive to what your multi-purpose center was designed to do. This will also keep you out of legal trouble. If you offer a sport or program that your facility should not be offering and somebody gets hurt, your facility could be held responsible.

Let Sports Facility Management Help With Your Multi-Purpose Center

Finding the right balance of programming is a tough thing to do with a multi-purpose center. So why not let us handle it? Sports Facilities Management specializes in management solutions, helping you to run your facility at its peak capacity. Contact us today at (727) 483-7910 or visit our website for more information.

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