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3 Considerations for Your FF&E

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Important Considerations for FF&E

If you have previous experience with facility planning, then you may already understand the ins and outs of furniture, fixture, and equipment (FF&E) and the importance it plays in your budgeting and development processes. But getting just what you want for your money isn’t always easy. In fact, there are a variety of considerations a facility planner should make when it comes to their FF&E, and sometimes they may come into conflict. Here, SFA shares some of its planning expertise on the things you should consider when selecting your FF&E.


First and foremost, you should consider your available budget. In most cases, this should be the first consideration you make, because it will help prevent you from running into hiccups with the other considerations we’ll mention below. Essentially, your budget should serve as your ultimate guide to making choices about what FF&E you’ll use to furnish your sports facility, community center, or recreation center.

Accessibility & Regulations

Accessibility & regulations will be two other major concerns for your selection of FF&E. Any facility project will be expected to maintain standards of accessibility to all of its patrons. This means that seating, information desks, and more should all meet these standards as they are set out by federal and state regulations. Your FF&E will also be expected to meet building code standards, safety standards, and fire safety standards. Becoming familiar with these things will prevent you from being seriously penalized and from having to adjust your budget to accommodate replacement items.

Design & Aesthetics

Once you’ve made sure that you have a proper budget set aside for your FF&E, and you’ve selected items that meet the standards set in place for a building of the type you’re planning, you can finally concentrate on aesthetics. How well do these items meet your design vision? A common mistake is for planners to jump right in looking for items to meet their design plans without thinking through the budgetary and regulatory dimensions first.

Let SFA Help With Your FF&E

Remember that installation still plays a major role in how well your FF&E meets standards for accessibility and safety. If you want to make sure that everything is in line with your facility, then call SFA.
When you enlist the help of Sports Facilities Advisory, you enlist the help of a team that has helped plan and execute major facility planning projects all over the country. For a testament to our skills, just check out the range of projects we’ve worked on. For the best in facility planning, contact SFA.

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