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Facility Planning: Appealing to Pro Sports Teams as a Training Facility

How facility planning can appeal to pro sports teams

Appealing to Pro Sports Teams With Your Facility Planning

Arguably the most important aspect of facility planning is making your facility one that athletes, coaches, and teams want to use. You want your facility to be a top-tier facility so that potential customers will come to you rather than going somewhere else. One potential source of major revenue is professional sports teams. While the top professional sports leagues will have their own facilities, their players often go home in the offseason looking for a place to train, and if you were to be that place, it would benefit your facility greatly. In today’s blog post, Sports Facilities Management will look at how you can appeal to the pros.

Having The Best Quality Equipment

The biggest thing high-level coaches and athletes will look for in a potential facility is the quality of the facility itself. As for facility planning, this typically means finding the best possible equipment for your complex. Athletes want a place to train where they don’t have to worry about a broken weights machine or a dusty basketball floor. They want to be able to focus on their craft. And for players coming from leagues with the highest quality equipment, having that type of equipment will help to draw them in.

Being Able To Find A Niche

While we certainly encourage multi-purpose centers, a professional baseball player likely isn’t looking for a batting cage inside a gym. He is looking for a batting cage facility. This can be difficult, but if you are able to provide athletes with a place where they can focus on their sport-specific training, they will be more likely to come.

How To Provide For Specific Sports and Not Lose Variety

The best way to do this in your facility planning is to focus on programming and scheduling. If you own an indoor batting cage facility that is full turf, you can host a youth league practice in the morning and still be able to host a higher-level player after. You just have to be more intentional about your planning and have a staff that is able to adjust and accommodate the facility for each customer.
You don’t have to only offer one sport or provide for one talent level. You just have to be able to accommodate other sports and talent levels individually instead of as one big group of customers.

Sports Facility Management Can Help With Facility Planning

Facility planning is a major part of allowing your complex to grow and be successful. Your goal is to draw customers in, not only with your top-flight equipment and amenities but also with your facility planning. And if you struggle with that, Sports Facilities Management can help, as we specialize in facility planning services. Contact us today at (727) 483-7910 or check out our website to learn more about our services.

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