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A Competitive Club Soccer Team at a Nearby Sports Complex

Club Team Sports at Your Sports Complex

With continued growth, even throughout the recent recession, youth sports look like they are here to stay. According to a recent Dallas Morning News article, more than 53% of youths between the age of 6 and 14 play an organized sport. Many of these children play for only the love of the game at a nearby recreation center or sports complex each weekend, but some of these children have higher aspirations and play in high profile or highly competitive games in sports complexes across their state, their region, or the nation. Competitive and well-run club sports teams can help put your sports complex on the map and bring in more and more players.

Club Sports & the Increasing Cost of University

It may take a moment to see how education relates to youth club sports, but the connection for some families is quite clear. Families with enough income to put their children into team sports don’t necessarily have the funds to keep up with rising university tuition. Most families already emphasize sports as a better alternative to the unstructured time that might tempt their children to make poor decisions. Enrolling their children in competitive club sport invests in more than just improving their children’s health and reducing their children’s risk of drug use. Competitive club sports give athletes the opportunity to excel at their sport in such a way that they could receive a scholarship. If families are already paying for their child to play at a sports complex, most would consider paying more to improve the chances of making university cheaper.

Health, Branding, & Community Building

Like all activities, you must consider the participants. A well run club team at your sports complex will take into consideration the health of the children playing and their level of excitement. Pushing kids too hard or allowing parents to push their children too hard will cause kids to lose interest. Balance joy, competitions, and learning to keep kids interested for the longest period of time. They and their parents will thank you in the end.
Keeping kids engaged will help your club teams becoming increasingly competitive. Proving that your sports complex can produce a winning club team while continuing to engage kids will give you a good name in the community. A team that wins tournaments out of state and produces scholarship athletes will create a name for your sports complex across the region.

Your New Sports Complex with Sports Facilities Advisory

We know branding and awareness aren’t everything. The sports industry attracts people who genuinely care about their community and sports. Sports Facilities Advisory can do the gritty work, like feasibility studies and facility planning, to ensure your sports complex maximizes its profit. This frees you up to do things within your community or work with your favorite teams. Contact Sports Facilities Advisory to talk about where you want to go and how we can help you get there.

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