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Here’s How You Can Improve The Concessions At Your Sports Complex

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How You Can Improve The Concessions At Your Sports Complex

A major factor in keeping the visitors of your sports complex happy is by having a good selection of concessions, especially for complexes that host tournaments with high-level competition. Having good concession options will be much appreciated by athletes and spectators alike.
However, most sports facilities have underwhelming concession options and some don’t offer any sort of concessions. In today’s blog post, Sports Facilities Advisory will look at how you can improve the concessions at your sports complex and why that improvement is important.

What Are Your Current Capabilities?

The first step toward improving your concessions is evaluating your current capabilities. So, for example, if you only offer drinks and snacks but want to start offering things like hot dogs or pizza, do you have the budget to do so? If not, are you willing to allocate the needed funds to make those improvements? Before looking to improve your concessions, you will have to first consider what your sports complex can afford and where money needs to be spent.

What Are Your Facility Needs?

Even if it is obvious that you need to make changes to your concession offerings, you need to look at the degree that those changes need to be made. The most notable example of this is for a sports complex that hosts tournaments on a regular basis. With these facilities, athletes, parents, and spectators will be looking for better concession options than those same people would look for at a park or recreation center.
Therefore, you might need to make a more extensive change to your concessions offerings, perhaps even overhauling your current system. However, if you are a facility that doesn’t have that type of need, it won’t make financial sense to make sweeping changes. If you aren’t making sweeping changes, making little additions like vending machines or snack bars can be a cheap improvement to your sports complex.

Contact SFA For Sports Complex Consultation

If you are developing a sports complex, concession options are something you have to consider, especially as more and more people implement dietary restrictions for themselves by choice or by necessity. If you need help with your concessions or any other facility development issues, give SFA a call today at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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