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Faith-Based Facility Planning: How to Integrate Faith with Sports


Sports Facilities Advisory wants to help you integrate faith with sports in your facility planning.

Faith-based facility planners know that sports can be a powerful tool for growth and social change. With this knowledge, facilities need to be designed to make it easy for people to be involved in their sporting activity without sacrificing their religious practices.

Challenges of Integrating Faith and Sports

An example of one such conflict is an athlete involved in competitive sports. He or she may experience conflict in choosing between attending church and being at their weekend sporting events. This can become a guilt-ridden scenario, possibly impacting both faith and sports performance.

Ideas for Faith-Based Facility Planning

Facility planners will want to provide programs whereby both young and old can experience the guiding principles of humanity such as playing by the rules, being part of a team, sacrificing, and being part of a larger good.
Creating a space in your facility for worship will make it easy for your members to practice both their faith and sport.
A common practice in Europe is something called sports chaplaincy. A minister serving a sports team can provide faith-based support in the context of the sport. It may be easy for an athlete to forget religious teachings in the face of fierce competition. A minister can remind athletes and coaches of the larger moral issues at play amid the desire to win. Building this model into your picture of facility planning may help with the integration process.

Significant News in Faith-Based Facility Planning

Are you are a facility planner with a mission to grow faith through faith communities and sports? If so, you will want to keep aware of the “Sports at the Service of Humanity” conference held in the Vatican on October 5-7th.
This event is taking place as the result of Pope Francis’ focus on sports as part of his third globe initiative in 2016. The role of sports will be examined in terms of its impact on society and its ability to promote health and wellness. This is significant, and it is the first time that sports is being examined as a driver for social change.
The hope is to develop a set of principles and guiding values that articulate how combining faith and sport can serve the greater good. The outcomes of this event may help drive you in your mission.

Sports Facilities Advisory and Your Facility Planning and Faith-Based Needs

Sports Facilities Advisory provides services for your sports ministry projects and faith-based organizations. Our passion for the work is driven by our faith.
We can assist you in the facility planning of your new sports facilities. We also help optimize performance for operational recreation centers and facilities. Contact Sports Facilities Advisory at (727) 474-3845, or visit our website for help with your facility planning.

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