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Facility Planning Tips For Single, Young Adults

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Facility Planning Tips For Single, Young Adults In Your Community

Most community centers and recreation centers focus on married families with young children. And that makes sense, as those same community centers have much of their revenue produced through youth sports leagues and features like a gym or pool.  However, this often leaves single, young adults without a lot of options.
When it comes to facility planning, you want to target your main demographic without leaving the rest of the community out to dry. In today’s blog post, Sports Facilities Advisory will give some tips on how to keep single, young adults invested in your facility.

Offer Adult Sports Leagues

An excellent way to get young adults to visit your complex on a facility planning level is to offer adult sports leagues where they can get involved. Naturally, community centers spend most of their energy on youth sports leagues, but there is a market for adult sports leagues that many facilities overlook.
Possibilities like a flag football league or an adult basketball league provide young adults with an opportunity to compete and enjoy time with friends.

Offer Discounts To College Students

Another great way to appeal to your young adults demographic is to offer discounts to college students, from undergrads to masters students. As most of us know from experience, college students aren’t typically loaded up on cash, so offering discounts on things like a gym membership or pool passes is a great way to bring in young adults.
This is especially true if you are in a community with smaller colleges that don’t have the same recreational resources as bigger schools. As far as facility planning goes, you can take advantage of schools lacking a good rec center by offering up one of your own to college students at a discount.

Add Amenities

Another easy thing to forget about during your facility planning is including amenities that can be used by young adults. These types of things can include weight rooms, racquetball courts, and even Olympic-style swimming pools. Adding these amenities to your facility planning agenda will be sure to draw your single, young adult crowd.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory For More Facility Planning Tips

You want to focus on the right demographic when it comes to facility planning, but you don’t want to forget about everybody else. If you have more questions or need tips on demographics, give Sports Facilities Advisory a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online for more information.

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