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Carry Over Summer Momentum to Fall at Your Recreation Center

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Keeping Your Recreation Center’s Summer Momentum Going into Fall

One of the most critical aspects of managing sports facilities and recreation centers is boosting attendance. However, fitness activity is fickle during each of the seasons. Many people are more inclined to focus on staying active when they have a specific goal in mind, such as a beach body or a New Year’s resolution. In an effort to combat a lull in attendance, managers of recreation centers need to get creative once fall rolls around. Today, the experts at SFM will discuss some ways you can get creative to help keep the momentum up as summer comes to an end.

Motivate Your Recreation Center Members

The key to success in nearly any endeavor is consistency. This is especially true in the fitness world, where a few weeks off can negate the progress you have made. According to studies, it’s easier for people to maintain a positive habit rather than to start a new one. As a recreation center, you need to help your members get excited about their progress in order to solidify their positive health habits. The most reliable way to do this is to find ways to motivate your members. There are numerous ways to go about this. Try some of the following activities:

  • Free sessions with a personal trainer
  • Weight loss/strength gain challenges
  • Featured group classes to expose people to your different available options. You can even offer a free course to generate more interest and allow your members to try without committing.
  • 1-on-1 challenges between members for attendance consistency. It is often much more effective to get your recreation center members to motivate each other.

Maintain Momentum

Another human psychological trait you should keep in mind when developing promotions is the power of the reward center in our brains. If you offer rewards for consistent performance, you help your recreation center members lock in those habits.
For instance, offering inexpensive promotional items such as water bottles, protein shakers, and t-shirts for consistent attendance can be a great way to reward participation and progress. If you have branded items, all the better, as you can potentially increase your brand’s awareness.

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