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How to Develop an Incident Report for Your Sports Complex

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Developing an Incident Report Form for Your Sports Complex

An incident report form is something every business hopes they’ll never need. This report records details of an accident, injury, security incident, or any other unforeseen event that occurs in your sports complex. Developing a proper incident report will help address the current incident as well as help prevent similar issues in the future. Today, the SFM team will discuss the purpose of an incident report and the necessary information it should include.

Get Specific

The more specific you get when filling out your incident report, the better. You are using these details to improve the safety of your sports complex. Precise information will help to ensure the problem is properly solved and liability is properly handled. For example, imagine a volleyball player collides with a scorer’s table in your sports complex. Instead of only writing that the event happened in the gym, write that it occurred in the northwest court and the table was placed seven feet from the field of play. These details will help you to avoid a similar situation in the future and document the steps you will take to prevent it.

Only Include Facts

While it may be tempting to give your opinion on an incident report, you will be better served by only recording the facts. Opinions can cloud the accuracy of the report and distract from the more critical details.

Include Witness Statements

Collecting a witness statement can be helpful in your incident report. Remember to attribute the statement to specific people and try to collect their contact information. Frame their words in quotations so you know exactly what can be attributed to their account.

Include Sketches or Photos if Relevant

Not every incident that occurs at your sports complex will need sketches or photographs. However, in some cases, it can be very beneficial. Any supplementary information that adds context to the report will only help decision-makers to understand and avoid incidents.

Need Sports Complex Management Help?

If you manage a sports complex and are looking for a professional team to improve your facility, you may benefit from contacting Sports Facilities Management. Our team has experience and expert knowledge from managing dozens of sports complexes and recreation centers across the nation. If you are interested in learning more about SFM, contact our team today at 727-474-3845.

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