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Facility Planning: Best Ways To Schedule Your Slowpitch Softball League

Best Ways To Schedule Your Slowpitch Softball League According To Our Facility Planning Expert

Facility planning for your slowpitch softball league
Adult sports leagues aren’t all that common in today’s day and age, but one sport that has stood the test of time is slowpitch softball. For former athletes looking to relive their high school glory days or co-workers looking to connect outside of the workplace, slowpitch softball is a great way for people to enjoy healthy, light-hearted competition.
However, slowpitch softball leagues are among the most difficult to schedule. In today’s blog post, SFM will look at the facility planning side of slowpitch softball leagues.

What Kind Of League Is It?

Scheduling a slowpitch softball league can be difficult, but depending on what kind of league it is, it doesn’t always have to be difficult. For a Division D league, which is the least competitive league, scheduling can be more of a headache. For starters, a lot of teams haven’t ever participated in a league before. But they also don’t take it as seriously as a Division A team would.
As such, you will see more no-shows or more players having scheduling conflicts. It’s important to identify what kind of league you are scheduling and make the proper arrangements. Explain to your managers your expectations and even discuss the rulebook with them.

How Many Teams Do You Have?

One problem that can come up is over-scheduling your league. That may mean allowing either too many teams to sign up or scheduling too many games. You only have a certain amount of playable fields. You can put time limits on games, but you are still going to be behind at times.
If you overschedule, you will find yourself struggling in a hurry. Before scheduling your league, you need to know what your facility is capable, come together with your facility planning staff, and map out how many teams you’ll allow.

How Are You Communicating?

One major issue when it comes to facility planning and scheduling is communication. How are you communicating with your teams? Are you communicating directly with the managers? Are you taking advantage of social media or your website? Miscommunication is what leads to overscheduled fields and no-shows.
You can only control what you can control. If a team no-shows when they’re on the schedule, that’s on them. But if they no-show because they weren’t aware, that’s on you. Your facility planning staff has to have solid communication for a league to work.

Contact SFM For Facility Planning Assistance

Scheduling a sports league is a tough task, and it’s made even tougher when you’re scheduling for adults with full-time jobs and commitments. Let SFM help. Our facility planning department can help you host a league that you will be proud of. Contact us today at (727) 483-7910 or visit our website for more information.

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