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Does Sports Complex Design Impact Sports Tourism?

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What Kind Of Impact Does Sports Complex Design Have On Sports Tourism?

If you are managing or developing a sports complex, there is a good chance that sports tourism will be a significant aspect of your success. Sports tourism can be a difficult market to capitalize on, and many different factors must be considered to find success. When it comes to your facility, sports complex design should play a major role in the planning process, but not everybody takes advantage of the design capabilities of their facility. Today, Sports Facilities Advisory will look at how sports complex design impacts sports tourism.

Branding Your Facility

Sports tourism is often a unique process compared to other industries. The branding process is no different. Too often, developers and planners believe having a quality logo, color scheme, and marketing strategy is enough to build your complex’s brand. However, branding your facility goes beyond that and includes things like sports complex design. Your facility is your greatest asset, both in bringing in business and keeping business.

Bringing In Talent

Branding your facility is as much about the type of talent you bring in to your facility as it is about your logo or color scheme. If you can have top-tier athletes or teams participating in events at your facility, you can use that to promote your brand. However, to bring in that talent, quality sports complex design is vital. Top athletes want to play in the best facilities, and if you are focused on team sports, team managers and coaches are far more likely to participate in events and tournaments at facilities with an exceptional design and quality amenities. Cutting-edge sports complex design will play a significant role in bringing talent to your facility, and that talent is what will drive your sports tourism market.

Focusing On The Fans

Once you have branded your facility and have established a sports tourism market, fans will quickly become your top priority. You can get talent into your complex with the right sports complex design, but if your complex isn’t fan-friendly and fan-oriented, you will have a hard time bringing in spectators. This is where sports complex design might be more critical for fan involvement than athlete involvement.
While athletes and coaches will typically be more concerned about playing conditions, fans will be interested in being entertained at your facility. Focusing your complex design on fans will make the fan experience that much better.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory For More Sports Complex Design Tips

Getting into the sports tourism industry is tough, but with the right sports complex design, the process can be more straightforward. For more information or tips, you can give Sports Facilities Advisory a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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