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Is A Family Entertainment Center Right For Your Community Center?

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Is An FEC Right For Your Community Center?

For community centers, creating revenue can be a challenge. Most community and recreation centers are dependent on their community pool or gymnasium to bring in money, and those things in and of themselves don’t produce a whole lot of cash. As a result of this, more and more facilities have begun to incorporate more elaborate attractions, such as Family Entertainment Centers, or an FEC.
In today’s blog post, Sports Facilities Advisory will take a look at these FECs and evaluate whether or not it would be right for your community center.

What Are Your Demographics?

When considering an FEC for your community center, the first thing you have to look at is the demographics of your town. Specifically, do you have an abundance of young couples with children? An FEC is designed for families, and more specifically, young children. So, if you live in a community that does not have a lot of young families, an FEC might wind up costing much more money than it makes.
An excellent way to get ahead of this as a facility developer is to conduct a feasibility study and evaluate your demographics before you get to the facility design and structure process.

Is An FEC Financially Realistic?

Another factor to consider with an FEC is your financial capabilities. While an FEC is a great way to drive revenue in a community with a lot of young families, they are also more expensive to develop. An FEC isn’t going to be one of the absolute must-have features for your community center, so you shouldn’t stretch yourself financially if it will cut something like a public pool or gymnasium.
However, if you do have the financial ability to invest in an FEC for your community center and live in a community with a lot of young families, it can be worth the cost.

Would An FEC Draw Interest From The Community?

To an extent, this ties in with the previous two ideas, but without community interest, your FEC will be a waste of money. Even if you have a lot of young families, they still have to be interested in an FEC for it to work. This is another instance where a feasibility study will do you and your team a lot of good.
Determine whether there is legitimate interest from the community before devoting big bucks towards an FEC.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory For More Community Center Tips

Determining whether or not an FEC is right for your community center is an all-intensive process. However, if you follow these tips, you should have a pretty good starting point. For more information or tips, give SFA a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online for more information.

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