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Converting Spaces Into Parks and Recreation Centers

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Throughout the height of COVID-19, much like countless businesses and other industries, many parks and recreation departments faced a decline in revenue. However, the pandemic also brought awareness to the importance of health. This has given parks and rec departments of all sizes the opportunity to come back stronger than before, and they aren’t stopping there.

With an increased focus in personal well-being, communities across the country renewed their interest in parks, trails, and recreational facilities, causing a boom in the industry. According to a report by Recreation Management, park respondents reported a 39.3% increase in revenue, with 2022 projected to see a 62.3% increase.

A rise in revenue isn’t the only growth the industry has seen though. In fact, Outdoor Foundation’s 2021 Outdoor Participation Trends Report states that from 2019 to 2020, there was a 2.2% jump in outdoor participation, which is the most growth in one year on record. With an increased demand for parks and rec spaces, the industry has been converting non-traditional spaces such as landfills, old malls, parking garages, and even tunnels into state-of-the-art parks and rec centers.

The success of this trend can be seen with venues such as Mount Trashmore Park, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This iconic park brings in over one million visitors each year, and offers playgrounds, lakes, and even a 24,000-square foot skatepark that has hosted professional skateboarders such as Tony Hawk.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs, CO, a former 53-acre landfill offers trails, climbing rocks, and picnic areas with park development plans still in the works.

The true beauty of converting spaces into parks and recreation centers is the conversion from a forgotten space to a place that best fits the needs of the community. Whether it’s a recreation facility, multipurpose sports fields, a skatepark, or a traditional park, the impact that it will have on your community is tremendous.

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