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Making Miracles at Elizabethtown Sports Park

ETOWN Baseball Miracle Field

As sports fans, we understand the power of moments. The pass the softly floats into the outstretched hands of a wide receiver. Or the perfectly timed swing that launches a baseball over a distant fence. While not all of us can make one of these magical moments happen, some of us don’t even get the opportunity.

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Enter the The Cecilian Bank Miracle Field at Elizabethtown Sports Park. The miracle field is a small baseball field designed to provide access to sports for players with unique needs. It features a rubberized surface designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Lines and bases are painted on surface. Doing so, keeps the surface flat and free of all barriers, which makes it accessible to visual impaired players. “As a park, it’s critical to us that we serve everybody, including athletes with special needs,” said Todd Yancey, General Manager of Elizabethtown Sports Park. “It’s important for us to create events for the miracle field so that they can become a part of what’s happening at the park.”

In 2019, E-town Sports Park hosted their first annual Kickball Day. 134 students from eight schools throughout the region attended the event. Players teamed up with a buddy who helped them navigate the game. Future programs for the miracle field include a field day in which they’re planning to host 100’s more young athletes. Additionally, the field is used for birthday parties and E-town’s T-Ball league.

Not only is the miracle field removing barriers for tremendous number of athletes, but it’s also drawing the attention of the local business community. This past year, The Cecilian Bank, a community leader in E-Town and throughout the region chose to sponsor the miracle field. With the support of The Cecilian Bank, the miracle field will host a variety of inclusive sporting events in 2022 and beyond.

In the coming years, The Cecilian Bank Miracle Field at Elizabethtown Sports Park will continue to establish itself as central part of the community through its leagues and special events. However, its impact will go beyond game day. For children with special needs, it shows that there’s a world where physical limitations can’t prevent them from competing. It provides them access to the joy and lessons that are inherent in sports.

The Cecilian Bank Miracle Field at Elizabethtown Sports Park is just one example of the work that Elizabethtown Sports Park and other venues within the SF Network are doing to serve their communities. Are ready to elevate your community with a game-changing, sports tourism complex? Contact us at 727-474-3845.

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