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How Immersive Attractions Boost Revenue for Sports Facilities

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When people visit sports facilities like yours, they usually expect their experience to focus on sports, which makes sense. But you can offer so much more to help boost revenue and bring in new customers.

Sports complexes can take advantage of the kinds of attractions and offerings found at traditional family entertainment centers, such as virtual reality, laser tag, Esports, mini golf, escape rooms, or arcade games. This helps them diversify their entertainment options for guests, host more large tournaments, attract more local residents, and ultimately increase the money they bring in.

For sports complexes, diversifying their entertainment is a great way to satisfy and engage guests who may not play sports or otherwise spend money at the venue. Family members and friends of the athletes who come to these facilities often step foot inside to hang out with or watch the athletes, but are not athletes themselves. Providing these people with other entertainment options, such as attractions or arcade games, is an excellent way to ensure they have a great time and also spend money while on site.

Adding additional entertainment to your business also makes your venue more attractive for hosting larger tournaments. Sports amenities are clearly important, but when you also have fun attractions for the rest of the family, your facility becomes far more desirable. By adding attractions, you will also have many more locals step into your building and spend money. Especially in smaller markets where there aren’t as many entertainment options, your business can become the go-to spot for virtual reality attractions with high replay ability, like Hyperdeck, for example.

When properly planned out, purchased and operated, attractions can be a HUGE source of additional revenue for sports facilities. Learn more about how immersive attractions can boost revenue for your sports complex here.

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