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Attracting Millennials to Your Recreation Center

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4 Important Features Millennials Look For When Finding a Recreation Center

Millennials are becoming more health conscious by the day and are looking to take part in physical activities. As such, they likely offer a major opportunity for growth at your recreation center. Implementing features that millennials are looking for in a recreation center can allow you to grow your clientele at a surprising rate. Today we would like to discuss the most important features that millennials look for when finding a new recreation center.

Important Features Your Recreation Center Needs

#1 – Free Wi-Fi

Just like everyone else, millennials are very tuned in to the tech world and have become very dependant on internet access to stay connected. Offering free wifi is a low-cost method to keep your clients happy. If one of your customers is unable to access the internet while working out, they may not be able to listen to their own music or podcasts. Millennials especially are taking advantage of streaming options for music and podcasts as access to them grows. Being the place where they feel shut off from the outside world will greatly diminish the chances they return.

#2 – Healthy Nutrition Options

One of the quickest growing aspects of the fitness world is the role that nutrition plays. Many recreation centers are taking advantage of this by offering healthy shakes or snacks. Not only do these go a long way to making all your customers happy, but millennials especially are very interested in the nutritional side of the health and wellness world. Offering protein shakes, kale salads, and avocado toast can not only get millennials back into your recreation center but can also turn a nice profit for you.

#3- Provide a Variety of Fitness Options

Millennials like to try new things while staying active. Activities like zip lines, kayaking, and bike trails have exploded in popularity since they have reached adulthood. Offering a multitude of fitness opportunities can really appeal to a young generation. Activities like rock climbing, yoga classes, and other “extreme” activities can provide the boost your business needs to get millennials involved in your recreation center.

#4 – Options for Canine Companions

Many millennials are eschewing marriage and parenthood until later in life, and instead are looking to pets for companionship.  So when they go out for the day, they often want to bring their dogs with them. Many businesses show they are pet-friendly by setting out water bowls. If there is an outdoor component to your recreation center offering water access for dogs as well as cleanup stations and easy-access trash bins can go a long way to endearing your business to millennials.

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