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Fixing Your Recreation Center’s Damaged Tennis Net Headband

Tennis net headband after repair at recreation center

Repairing a Damaged Tennis Net Headband at Your Recreation Center

One of the most important aspects of running a successful recreation center is the ability to cut costs when possible. Equipment at a recreation center is always going to wear quickly because of constant use. As such, thrifty repair and maintenance can be the difference between monthly profit and loss. In today’s SFM blog entry we want to discuss how to replace your tennis net headbands to save a damaged tennis net. As the headband is the part of the net that generally takes the most damage, being able to replace one section instead of the entire net will save you money in the long run. Read below to find out how!

Why Replace the Tennis Net Headband?

Oftentimes the stitching of the tennis net headband will become frayed and loose from natural wear and tear, improper manufacturing, or deterioration of the stitches. Regardless of the reasoning for the deterioration, replacing the tennis net headband can be a cost-efficient way to save an otherwise good conditioned net. As long as the overall shape of the net is still good, headband replacement is the ideal option for your recreation center.

How to Install a Replacement Tennis Net Headband

First, you want to put the replacement headband over the previous headband lining up the new and old eyelets. Then cut off two short pieces of lacing twine to secure each end of replacement headband to posts through the first eyelets on each side. With the rest of the cord begin lacing the headband to the net beginning with the second eyelet from the end and continuing to the opposite end. Make sure to pull the cord tight as you lace and secure to the post. After that, you just want to make sure that your old headband is covered and lined up. Depending on the fabric of the replacement headband you will need to be either double locked stitched or even quadruple locked stitched to the net.

Want More Tips on Recreation Center Maintenance?

Sports Facility Management offers professional management services that can help you bring our expertise and experience to your recreation center. We can set your team up for success and help to bring the newest health and wellness trends to your business. We also offer management services for both pre-opening and post-opening of your recreation center, or sports complex. If you are interested in getting the Sports Facility Management difference, contact us today and speak with one of our representatives about professional management services today!

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