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Advice On Hiring For Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities and hiring

Advice On the Sports Facilities Hiring Process

Hiring new staff in any industry can be potentially difficult, and sports facilities are no different. Finding the right staff for the right position is a challenge, and good sports facilities will have other considerations to take into account, such as the physical abilities of their staff members and the importance of the safety of customers. With this in mind, Sports Facilities Management offers some general advice on hiring new staff for your recreation center or sports complex.

Think About the Job Description Carefully

An effective interview and hiring process begins before you have even had your first application. A good job description is more important than a lot of people realize, and a helpful way of making sure you get the right applicants.
Make it clear what the role is and what will be required, as well as an overall idea of what you expect from a member of your team in terms of performance, and how they fit into the overall structure.
It is also important, however, not to overload a potential applicant with information. A lengthy job description with a long list of duties and responsibilities using complicated terminology will put off a lot of applicants. In addition, draw some attention to what working at your sports facilities or recreation center can offer prospective employees, so that they know they will be valued as a member of your staff.
Not only does a clear, concise, and accurate job description make it easier to get the right applicants, it can also give you a better idea of what that particular position involves.

Make Use of Checklists

The interview and hiring process can quickly become complicated, especially if you are cycling through a large number of candidates for a bigger or newer location.
Coming up with a checklist and a defined, step-by-step plan for how you are approaching your candidates, what you need from them, what you intend to ask them, background checks and specific documents, and any other requirements will take much of the pressure off.
Working your way through a list and ticking off boxes will mean you are far less likely to forget an important step, and make sure that your interviews are thorough enough.

Think Beyond Just the Resume or Qualifications

When you are hiring, whether for sports facilities or other business, it can be easy to narrow your line of questioning to focus purely on the hard facts. Things such as education, qualifications, experience, and specific skills are no doubt important, but it is also important to go beyond these metrics and assess potential candidates based on other factors.
Social skills and personality type are important, especially if you are hiring somebody for a facility management position, who will be responsible for other staff. Having the right qualifications, education or experience will help, but the wrong kind of personality that is a poor fit for your team can cause complicated, challenging problems.
Make your interview process conversational, find out about who your candidates are, as well as what they can do.

The Right Team in Sports Facilities

These tips just offer some general advice for hiring new staff at sports facilities. Depending on what your facility or complex offers, there could be other factors you will have to take into account.
Sports Facilities Management has a wealth of experience in community health improvement, staff development, marketing strategy and much more. For detailed help and guidance, contact our facility management team today.

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