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Facility Management: Positive Feedback

Facility management and positive feedback

Facility Management and Responding to Positive Feedback

The internet is now a part of practically every facet of our day-to-day lives, which makes communication with anyone – whether an individual or an organization – instantaneous. There are plenty of positive and negative aspects to this, but Sports Facilities Management is focusing on a particular element that is often neglected: responding to positive feedback. There are countless pieces available on how to effectively deal with negative feedback, whether in facility management or any other field, but it is also important to know how to engage with positivity.
Too often, you can find a business online with a long list of five-star reviews and compliments from customers that have been lost in an endless shuffle of information, with no response. While it is impossible to respond to every one of them, especially if your role in facility management is part of a larger chain, picking and choosing the right ones is vital. It will let your clients, users, or customers know that you appreciate them, too. Sports Facilities Management offers some basic advice on how to engage with positivity.

Basic Manners

It may seem obvious, but the first thing you should do when responding to a positive review, or any positive feedback, is thank the person who gave it.
Simple politeness goes a long way, but saying “thank you” in response to positive feedback does not just show you have good manners, it also demonstrates that you appreciate it, which is enforced by the following steps.

Ask Questions

In responding to positive feedback, you are not just showing your appreciation. It is also an opportunity to open a line of communication, and to find out the ways in which your facility management, or what your location offers, can improve.
This is important for two reasons – firstly, it is simply a good source to find out what you can change. Secondly, it shows that you are attentive, ready and willing to listen to what your clients or customers want.

Be Approachable

One of the potentially more challenging aspects of responding to any feedback – positive or negative – is getting the tone right. Too friendly a response to a negative review will seem like you are not taking it seriously, while too formal a response to a positive review comes across as stiff and robotic.
It is a good rule of thumb to respond in a lighter, less formal way to positive feedback, while still maintain a reasonable air of professionalism. For example, if you do not normally use contractions in correspondence, positive feedback is an acceptable example of when you can – but you still need to be sure your spelling and grammar are correct.

Make It Known

The great thing about positive feedback, especially when it is left online, is that it is easily accessible and can benefit you in multiple ways. Responding to it online will draw more attention, meaning more customers and potential customers will see it.
From a facility management perspective, it is also a perfect opportunity to reinforce how good a job your employees do, by sharing the positive feedback with them.

Facility Management and Taking a Compliment

As you can see, none of the steps involved in responding to positive feedback are especially complicated. The reason this is a neglected aspect of facility management, and engagement generally, is that it does not feel quite as urgent as resolving a tense situation with an unhappy customer.
While we advise you to avoid spending too much time basking in good reviews, answering a handful shows that you are open to communication. If you need advice on management, staff development, marketing, and more, contact Sports Facilities Management today.

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