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Using Staff Development to Create a Welcoming Environment

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Creating a Welcoming Environment at Your Facility with Staff Development

Starting a new business is a challenge no matter how prepared you think you are. One of the most important factors that associated with successful business ventures is the business environment. Creating a positive, welcoming first impression is a crucial step to attract return customers and get positive momentum throughout your community. This can be something that you foster from day one with proper staff development training. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss some staff development processes that your sports facility can implement to create this welcoming environment.

Focus on Your Reception Area

Train your receptionists to always greet guests with a smile and eye contact. Your guest’s first interaction with your staff will leave a lasting impression. Studies have shown that most people form an initial impression of a business within the first seven seconds of introduction. Staff development that focuses on training your team to be attentive and welcoming as soon as guests enter is incredibly important. Make it very clear that your receptionists and front desk attendees greet guests as soon as they enter in a friendly, welcoming manner.

Create a Culture of Politeness and Availability

Ensure that the people within your business are approachable and always polite. Nothing creates a bad impression like walking into a recreation center and finding the front desk unattended. Having your workers take the time to stop to offer help is crucial. Staff development that focuses on availability and a willingness to assist your guests will leave a lasting impact on them as they experience how important customer service is to your business.

Ensure Your Entrance Area Remains Spotless

Staff development does not end at behavioral training. One important aspect of a sports facility is the cleanliness of your building, and no area is more important than the entryway and front desk. If you train your employees to be proactive with cleaning duties in the entryway and throughout your facility, you can help to foster the impression that your facility takes cleanliness very seriously.

Contact SFM for More Staff Development Advice

Sports Facility Management has been assisting sports-related businesses with their management needs and helped them to thrive in competitive markets throughout the country. Our team has years of experience and knowledge that are key to successful startups. If you are interested in learning more ways to improve your sports facility, contact our team today at 727-474-3845. We look forward to working with you!

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