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The Value of Local Parks for the Community

People in a local park.

Sports Facilities Advisory focuses on a wide variety of different sports, recreation, and community facilities. Through many years of experience in delivering the best in facility planning and management, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the benefits of an active community. This extends beyond indoor sport centers to include parks and recreation as well. Even a seemingly simple public park or green space can have an immensely positive impact on the people who live in that community. In this blog, we will examine the valuable community benefits of well-maintained and managed local parks.

Environmental Improvements

Developing and maintaining an outdoor space, even one as simple as a small local park, can have a positive environmental impact. It is not just the human population of an area that benefits from a public park. Local animal and plant life can also thrive in a properly controlled environment, offering new avenues for local conservation initiatives.

Economic Impact

Public parks can also help to improve the local economy. Not only is the area likely to see more interest and activity, but neighborhoods with parks and nearby green spaces tend to see their property values rise. Opening more local parks and green spaces is a beneficial economic initiative that also improves community health and the local environment.

Opportunity for Physical Activity

According to the State of Obesity and the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, obesity rates in the United States continued to hit new heights in 2018. The dangerous epidemic of obesity looks likely to carry on into 2019 and beyond. However, the push against the obesity issue also continues, and offering attractive outdoor spaces is one of the best opportunities to fight back.

A well-maintained public park offers a space for a wide variety of healthy physical activities. Whether community members prefer jogging, yoga classes, or a playground for their kids, local parks provide great value for individuals, families, and groups. Outdoor parks also offer important benefits for mental health. Many studies have shown that time spent outside in attractive, natural environments can help to improve wellbeing inside and out.

The combination of physical and mental health benefits, along with the positive effect on the environment and economy, improves the overall quality of life for everyone in the community. Combating health issues and social isolation, giving everyone from children to the elderly a place to spend time, and affecting positive change in the local environment creates a strong local community.

Start Your Community Development with Sports Facilities Advisory

If you are currently developing plans for a park, green space, or outdoor recreation facility, Sports Facilities Advisory can help. Contact our sport advisory team about both indoor and outdoor activities, planning, management and much more, or take a look at our portfolio.

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