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Sports Facilities Management: How to Run a Successful Sports Camp

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Sports Facilities Management on Running a Sports Camp

At Sports Facilities Management, we know that youth sports camps are a great way for kids to exercise, learn a new sport, and make some new friends. For recreation centers, sports camps are a great way to introduce newcomers to your facility. Pulling off a successful youth sports camp requires careful planning and organization. To ensure your sports camp runs smoothly, Sports Facilities Management provides some useful planning tips.

Get a License

In some states, you must have a license to run any kind of camp. Although many recreation centers and sports facilities already have the proper paperwork, it’s always a good idea to check that everything is up-to-date before planning your sports camp. Even if you think you have the right license or permit, Sports Facilities Management recommends double-checking your local regulations just in case.

Draft a Liability Waiver

After you’ve achieved your license, be sure to have an attorney draft a liability waiver. Although it may sound dramatic, there’s a decent chance that someone will get injured at your sports camp. To avoid a lawsuit, ensure that that you are not liable for injuries.

Create a Schedule

After you’ve dealt with the necessary paperwork, you can officially start planning and scheduling your sports camp. As a coach, you probably have several ideas for practices and drills. No matter the sport or the age group, try to make your camp fun and exciting for kids. Sports Facilities Management recommends adding in plenty of games and opportunities for bonding. Making your camp a fun experience helps draw in newcomers and keeps kids engaged with athletics.


Once you have planned your camp, attract students through advertising. For youth camps, consider bringing flying to the local school system to distribute in classes. You can also place advertisements in your local paper or on social media to attract parents who will sign their children up for camp.

Purchase Food and Snacks

When you finally know how many kids are attending your sports camp, purchase a good amount of healthy food and snacks. Although sports camps focus on athletic training, it’s important that kids have the opportunity to socialize with their peers and have some fun. Giving the kids a break to eat and hydrate allows them to form friendships, bonding them closer to the sport.

Contact Sports Facilities Management

If you need assistance managing and planning your sports camp, contact Sports Facilities Management! Whether our clients strive to form community relations, increase revenue, or get children involved in athletics, Sports Facilities Management produces industry-leading results. To learn more about how we can improve your sports facility, contact us today!

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