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Sports Facilities Management Outlines the Impact of Volunteers at Sporting Events

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Volunteers and the Impact They Have on Sporting Events

Finding the right staff for a sports facility can be a challenge. Finding staff for a one-off or limited event can be even more difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of options, including opening up event staffing to volunteers. How does this work? And how can using volunteers for certain events benefit you and the volunteers themselves? In this blog, Sports Facilities Management goes over a few important factors about volunteering for events.

What You Can Offer Volunteers

Giving the opportunity for people to volunteer at events held at your sports facility or event center gives them a variety of different benefits. We will go over a few of them below.


For younger people especially, the lack of experience being a hurdle in job applications is all too familiar. Volunteering for especially larger and busier events, offers something significant for a resume.


Along with experience, volunteering also offers a lot of opportunity for both younger people looking for more experience, and others just looking for a way to be active in their community.


Contacts and communication is a two-fold perk of volunteering. Whether the volunteers are just looking to socialize or make contacts in their community with other groups or potential employers, volunteering is a unique avenue to build lasting connections in the community.

What Volunteers Can Offer You

There are also a number of benefits that using volunteers can offer your location.

Reputation and Recognition

As the owner or operator of a recreation facility or sports complex, you are in a position to be a key part of your local community. Your reputation will only improve with the use of volunteers or the introduction of regular volunteer programs.

Building Your Place in the Community

Along with your overall reputation, offering volunteering opportunities cements the idea that your complex or facility is one of the pillars of your community. Working with volunteers, especially for large events, demonstrates an active role and engagement with the people around you. Rather than providing a place for people to pay to use the gym or swimming pool, you are offering an opportunity for your local community to develop as a whole.

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities are not only there for the volunteers themselves either. Volunteering programs often attract the attention of event organizers, non-profits, local government, and other community bodies. This gives you, as the owner or manager, opportunities to make new connections.

Find Out More About Management Best Practices with Sports Facilities Management

Whether making use of volunteers benefits your sports events or other activities will depend on a variety of different factors. For focused, guided, professional management advice, contact the team at Sports Facilities Management today.

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