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Sports Facilities Advisory: 4 Popular Types of Sports Facilities

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4 Sports Facilities We Love at Sports Facilities Companies

Here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we’ve helped start and manage a variety of great sports facilities. Today we’re highlighting four different types of facilities that we can help you start in your community. Let Sports Facilities Advisory help you make your vision a reality!

Track and Field

Track and field facilities are great for the community. High schools and colleges can hold their track meets here. Typically a track facility comes with a track 400 meters around. There should also be room for pole vault and shot put. You’ll need the proper supplies, such as hurdles and equipment, for the various events. Typically, the track surrounds a grass field where the other events can be held during the running events. This also gives plenty of space for training. You may also want to consider a field house to keep facility maintenance equipment out of the way. Finally, you’ll need bleachers or somewhere for the fans to enjoy the competition.

Baseball Stadium

Baseball is America’s pastime, and a baseball stadium embodies this tradition. Depending on your plans you can have a single stadium with a field for practice in play, or you can have a complex with multiple diamonds so leagues can have all their games at once. For bigger teams, such as college teams or minor league, you’ll want a single stadium for them to call home. A baseball stadium includes dugouts, a large outfield, an infield, and stadium seating. You’ll also benefit from a practice facility for training during the offseason.

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is becoming quite the phenomenon. With more and more innovative facilities popping up, there’s never been a better time to open a rock climbing facility. These facilities are usually quite impressive. A good rock climbing facility will usually include large walls for belay climbing and smaller walls for bouldering. Special designers create colored paths for climbers to follow. These paths range in difficulty and are called “problems.” You should also consider including a training area in your facility.

Football Stadium

Football is another longstanding American tradition. This sometimes goes hand in hand with our track and field facility we mentioned earlier. Many colleges and high schools will have their tracks around their football field. A football field is 100 yards with a goal post on either side. You should have stadium seating on each side of the field and benches for the teams. More than likely you’ll want to have locker rooms for the teams. Consider other amenities such as concession stands.

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