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Rugby Could be the Next Big Program at Your Sports Complex

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Hosting Rugby at Your Sports Complex

As technology and sports science continue to advance, training facilities and sports complexes must keep up with the growing demands of athletes and programs. Just a few decades ago, a sports complex simply needed a field, seating, and maybe a weight room. Now, as the competition has increased and teams have learned how to get the most out of their athletes, it is important to offer more than the basics to attract teams to your facility.
Although rugby is not yet a top sport in the United States, it is definitely one of the fastest growing team sports. If you are interested in becoming a top rugby sports complex, it is important that you offer some amenities and features that will attract top teams. Today, SFM will discuss some of these features and amenities, so your sports complex can become the go-to-location for rugby in your area.

Features to Include in Your Rugby Sports Complex

Outside of the obvious amenities such as a field with all of the proper dimensions and goals, there are a few features you can include in your sports complex to stand out from the competition. Some must-have features include:

  • Medical and Nutrition Resources – Access to a medical room with all the necessary equipment and personnel is very necessary given the physical nature of rugby. In order to attract top rugby teams, access to medical facilities is the baseline necessity.
  • Recovery and Rehabilitation Rooms –  Hydrotherapy and cryotherapy facilities can ensure that players have the very best in recovery technology. With professional and college teams having such small turnaround time between practices and games, it is important that your sports complex offers recovery and rehabilitation all within the same facility.
  • High-tech performance-analysis – As more teams have begun to use sports analysis to improve overall performance, giving teams the ability to monitor and analyze performance in games and practice can really show that yours is the sports complex top teams need.
  • Dedicated commercial spaces – If your sports complex is able to attract top teams, it is important that you provide dedicated commercial spaces for food and drink vendors. This is not only important to your facility’s bottom line, but, as many professional teams demand a percentage of concession revenue, it is basically mandatory.
  • Advanced Training Facilities – No longer do teams merely play their sport and lift weights to prepare. Now teams use advanced training facilities that feature a large range of training options. Whether that includes machine-training and sport-specific training is up to you. Depending on the type of clientele you are trying to attract to your sports complex, your facility will need different amenities. For a stadium where you will actually hold games, these training facilities are less important. For training facilities, these amenities are the central focus.

Contact Sports Facility Management Today

These are just general categories to get your planning started. Real success comes from very specific amenities designed for your desired clientele. Contact SFM today to speak with one of our professional sports facility planning experts. We can help you create your ideal rugby or any other sports-related complex. Call our team today at 727-474-3845.

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