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Recreation Facility and the Impact on a Neighborhood

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Recreation Facility and the Impact on a Neighborhood

Sports Facilities Advisory has covered the positive impact that a recreation facility has on a community in the past. The benefits of a recreation facility are not just about the larger scope of the project, however. In many cases, the surrounding neighborhood will see benefits from a new sports facility, event center, or recreation facility. In this blog, Sports Facilities Advisory takes a closer look at some of the differences a new facility can make for surrounding neighborhoods.

Increasing Community Bonds

Even small neighborhoods can be lonely places, especially in urban areas. Introducing a new sports facility or event center can make a major difference in the social activity around a residential area. If you are planning a smaller facility, make sure that residents in the immediate area are aware well in advance. The more you can encourage engagement early on, the more interest you are likely to generate. If you plan your project with the right mindset, your facility can be the driving force of a renewed neighborhood.

Potential Employment

For poorer, less developed, or neglected neighborhoods, your recreation facility can provide employment and opportunity. Not only could you do this through traditional employment, but you can also offer opportunities for volunteering and general involvement in community activities. Employing from a local area or neighborhood is often an effective way of generating a positive reputation for a facility or business.

More Specific Amenities

From a planning perspective, it can be easier to identify the needs of a smaller neighborhood. If you are planning a project on a smaller scale, you can more easily reach out to your future neighbors and find out what they want from a local park, green space, or recreation center. It can help to do at least some of this research face-to-face in smaller neighborhoods to establish yourself within the community before the project begins.

More Immediate Results

This close level of community involvement with a smaller group of people can also lead to more immediate results. Once your project is complete and your recreation center or single-sport facility is open, make sure you maintain your relationship with those in the neighborhood who use it. As long as you stay on top of the management and direction of the facility, you can become the center of activity for that area.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory About Upcoming Projects

If you are in the early stages of putting together a plan for a recreation facility, sports facility, or event center, contact Sports Facilities Advisory. Our team has helped projects large and small to get off the ground, secure funding, grow their scope, and advance in their market. Let us bring our knowledge and experience to you.

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