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Recreation Center: Tips to Keep it Looking New

Equipment in a New Modern Facility

A Few Tips to Keep Your Recreation Center Looking New

Developing and launching a recreation center is a difficult undertaking, and when it’s time to open your doors to the public, you now have to manage the day-to-day operations. Sports Facilities Management can manage every aspect of day-to-day operations at your facility. SFM offers management solutions for sports, recreation, and event centers. Our team of industry experts supports facilities in key areas, including human resources, brand management, marketing, staff development and so much more.
In today’s blog, our team takes a look at some ways to keep your recreation facility looking new.

Choose Materials That Hold Up to Heavy Use

Everything within reach at a recreation center needs to be durable. Consider extending weight room flooring two feet up the wall. This offers some protection from damage by free weights. Think higher, too. Ceilings, high walls, sprinkler heads, light fixtures, and speakers all need to be selected carefully and protected from flying balls and other projectiles.

Finishes Should Be Easy to Clean

If you are planning a new center, you should visit existing facilities and talk with recreation and custodial staff members who know what products best survive the wear and tear of a facility. Remember that trendy material choices may not be your best option, especially if there is no cleaning history for that new product.

Keep a Reference Guide

Maintain a contact list of who installed various facility elements and features. These details will fade over time, but they are important to know in a pinch. Keep a spreadsheet showing who were the various engineers and subcontractors. Who was your finish carpenter and who was your electrician? This becomes a go-to guide when the roof springs a leak or the breakers start tripping.

Pay Attention to Warranties

It’s a good idea to do a one-year facility review. Fully investigate product and installation warranties and seek opportunities to extend warranties when possible. Don’t be surprised by an expired warranty.

Maintain an Aggressive Cleaning Program

It is essential to clean the facility with a strong emphasis on details every day. Accumulated grime can lead to wear and premature aging. A single day of missed cleaning at a recreation center is like a week at another type of building. Routine daily cleaning, maintenance cleaning, and regularly scheduled deep cleaning are critical to keeping your facility looking and smelling new.

Contact Sports Facilities Management

If you are interested in developing a sports facility, contact the experts at Sports Facilities Management. Our team has helped dozens of sports facilities, from project planning to day-to-day operations. We look forward to working with you.

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