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Pricing Tiers for Your Recreation Center

How to Set Price Tiers for Your Recreation Center

Recreation Center with Pricing Tiers
If your recreation center or sports complex doesn’t have a multi-tiered membership structure, you could be missing out on potential profit. Members are willing to pay a higher monthly fee if you give them incentives and features that are worthwhile. Today in the Sports Facilities Advisory blog, we’ll discuss how to deal with these pricing structures and what kind of things you should be offering.

How Many Tiers Should I Have?

If you have a fairly standard recreation center, it would probably be best to offer two or three tiers of membership at most. Any more than this and it could get confusing for both you and your guests. Keeping track of all the tiers might be too much to handle when a simplified pricing structure would do.

What Should Each Tier Offer?

Today we’ll outline what a sample pricing structure might look like. Obviously, each recreation center is different, so you’d have to adjust accordingly. But this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Basic Membership

Your lowest and cheapest tier will be a basic membership. This membership will be for people who just want to workout and use the basic facilities. Including things like access to the gym, access to sports facilities like basketball and volleyball courts, and access to the locker rooms.

Premium Membership

The next tier of membership for your recreation center should offer a good amount of perks to entice people to upgrade to the next level. Things like free unlimited tanning, access to fitness classes, and advisement from a personal trainer could be included in this pricing tier. If you have a smoothie or supplement store, you could also offer discounts to premium members. The more value you add to this tier, the more likely people will be to sign up for it.

Top Tier Membership

Your top tier membership should include everything from the previous tiers, plus some VIP benefits. Things like unlimited guest passes, sessions with a personal trainer, unlimited group fitness classes a month, and more should be included in your highest tier pricing package. If a member is paying for the highest level, you should make them feel like they’re valued.

Contact SFA About Your Recreation Center

If you’re looking to open a recreation center or sports complex in your area, choose the best in the industry. Sports Facilities Advisory has the experience and expertise to help you open a successful recreation center. With feasibility studies, development funding, and more we offer the most comprehensive services possible. For more information, contact Sports Facilities Advisory today.

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