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Why You Should Make Your Community Center Pet-Friendly

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Benefit of Making Your Community Center Pet-Friendly

Offering pet-friendly amenities and policies at your community center can not only be a real boon to your business but it can have many benefits for your employees as well. At SFA, we often talk about differentiating your business from the competition. One of the ways you can really separate from the pack is through your pet policy. Learn more about some of the benefits that come from being a pet-friendly community center in SFA’s newest blog entry.

Attract Millenials

It is a simple fact that more and more millennials are delaying parenthood in favor of pet ownership. It is also a simple fact that more and more businesses are struggling to get Millennials to spend their money at their business. One great benefit of becoming a pet-friendly community center is attracting a younger clientele to your facility.
One of the number one challenges new businesses have is attracting young, talented employees who are willing to with their company. Many premier corporations are learning that an effective way to attract talent is through becoming pet-friendly. Not only will young talent be more willing to work for your community center, but studies have found that employees are more likely to stay around if their company is pet-friendly. Having the benefit of working for a company that allows employees to bring their pets is a very difficult perk to part with. You can directly lower your employee turnover rate by implementing pet-friendly policies.

Improved Morale, Health, and Reduced Stress

Studies have also found that individuals who brought their dogs to work had decreased stress levels compared to those who did not. In addition to stress reduction, it was found that having pets — dogs specifically — in the workplace improves blood pressure and improves overall employee health. Having happy, healthy employees and visitors is possibly the biggest benefit of implementing pet-friendly policies at your community center.

Community Centers are Perfect for Pets

Working at a community center is not like working in a regular office environment. Community centers are designed to get people from the local area together and active. Not only are community centers not going to be filled with expensive furniture or designer carpet, but they are designed to encourage activity. One of the major drawbacks of becoming pet-friendly is potential damage to furniture and carpeting, but a community center generally eschews these features in favor of wood, tile, or linoleum. Flooring and furniture that are designed to stand up to activity are perfect for pets. In addition, getting people active is a huge benefit of allowing pets. People have been found to be more motivated to get out and walk around if they have a pet, so channeling that energy at your community center is only going to bring you more business! It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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