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Innovations That Changed Recreation Centers

Important Innovations in Recreation Center Planning

Recreation center - innovative design for a sports center.
Recreation centers are very different than they used to be. The main reason for this is the ongoing development of technology, both inside and outside of the recreation industry. Recreation centers are always eligible to reap extensive benefits from new technology and innovations, from sports and exercise equipment to recreational activities.
To help you in your recreation center planning, the Sports Facilities Advisory is offering a few examples of some of the biggest recreation center innovations. Hopefully, this blog can help inspire you with some new ideas for your recreation or sports complex planning.

What’s Going on Inside?

One of the most simple, but lasting innovations in recreation center and sports facility design was the shift towards using large glass fronts. As basic as it might seem, this design idea has been seen time and again to make a big impact on public interest in a facility. Large glass fronts that allow passersby to see what is available inside — especially if it involves a variety of activities — makes them much more like to come inside.

Integrated Spaces

A more recent trend, one that is being embraced by more and more venues, is using adaptive, integrated spaces for amenities. Rather than having a center designed with designated, closed-off rooms for different activities, many locations are opening up. The gym, pool table, and reception all share a wide-open, airy space. When used correctly, this is a great method for creating an active, lively atmosphere that allows users to see what else is available, rather than always sticking to the same activities.
The important thing to remember is that getting the right flow and properly using the space is essential, or you risk creating an environment and is noisy, cluttered and off-putting.

Engagement Through Social Media

Taking things outside of the physical venue, the internet has allowed many recreation and community centers to have a much more hands-on involvement in their area. Engagement on the web — especially on social media — has become a key factor in properly engaging with the community. Whether it is through events, feedback, or lively online activity, this kind of engagement is now an essential part of providing recreation.

Need Help with Recreation Center Planning?

If you are developing your recreation or sports center, the Sports Facilities Advisory can help. We have been involved in the development of countless sports facilities, and provide services ranging from feasibility studies to market studies and economic impact reports. Contact the Sports Facilities Advisory today to make the most of industry-leading guidance.

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