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How to Pick Your Recreation Center Color Scheme

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How to Choose the Ideal Recreation Center Color Scheme

When determining what color scheme to choose for your recreation center, it is important to assess what kind of ambiance you want in your center. Color plays such a critical role in our energy levels and mood that NFL teams have taken to painting their visiting locker rooms pink as a form of psychological gamesmanship.
Choosing the right color scheme for your recreation center can have a huge impact on the mood and energy of your clientele. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss a range of color schemes you could select and how they may impact your facility.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Color Scheme

Before you choose your color scheme, it is important to review the space and design factors of your recreation center. Smaller spaces or rooms lacking natural light tend to feel cramped when painted with darker colors. On the other hand, bright colors in combination with harsh artificial lights can be overwhelming to the senses.

How Are You Using the Space?

The function of the room you are designing can impact your color selection as well. For example, studies have shown that lifting weights in a room that is painted blue will improve your performance. If you want to focus more on aerobic activity then a brightly colored room can increase the heart rate and breathing activity. A yoga room can benefit from greens and blues that create a tranquil mood for your patrons.

Color Can Represent Your Brand

Many brands have used color to help establish their identity. Gold’s Gym was famous for using yellow and red colors in their gym to evoke a feeling of intensity and power. More recently, Planet Fitness has become a hit brand as their purple scheme gives visitors a feeling of warmth and safety. Finding the right color for your brand can be difficult, but can have a huge impact on how potential customers view your recreation center.

Things to Avoid in Your Recreation Center

Try not to be too safe when making decisions regarding your color scheme. Being too monochromatic or lacking variety can come across as boring and unimaginative. Stick with a few main colors and design around them.
If, for instance, you decide to use red, white, and blue for you scheme, stick with colors that complement those three when decorating. Having yellow furniture is going to clash with your designs and detract from your aesthetic.

Contact Sports Facility Management

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