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How Sports Tourism Destinations Can Serve Local Communities

Looking at the top sports tourism destinations in the nation, it’s clear that venue business development is not solely focused on driving revenue and making a positive economic impact. It’s focused on serving the local community as well. To truly fulfill the needs of the communities you serve, as a venue operator, you need to find the delicate balance between sports tourism and community recreation that is the best fit for you. As you actively communicate with your community, your venue can serve in the following ways:

Provide Access to Amenities

In many communities, families look to sports complexes to provide them with activities for all ages. Many venues meet this desire through family entertainment centers, climbing walls, and walking tracks. Venues, such as SF Network’s own, Highlands Sports Complex, offer arcades, while others like Sand Mountain Park & Amphitheater offer the experience of a lifetime through bringing well-known artists to the area.

Offering a wide range of amenities is not only beneficial to the community, but also provides opportunities to promote programming such as camps and fitness classes, which can generate additional revenue.

Creating Programs for Local Use

While sports tourism destinations face the hustle and bustle of tournament weekends all year long, Monday through Thursday tends to be a quieter time. Successful venues, such as Elizabethtown Sports Park, offer leagues, camps, and clinics to take advantage of this opportunity. They can offer local programming for participants of all ages and abilities during slower days and seasons.

Blocking Out Local Weekend Programming

During the busy tournament season, ensuring that your facility continues to be a resource for all members of the community requires planning. Blocking time for certain activities and members of your community is critical to ensure residents continuously feel a connection to your facility. The Hoover Met is a great example of a facility that makes this a top priority. Despite a busy tournament schedule, they have dedicated times for activities such as open gym and birthday parties.

Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts

Supporting your community should always be a priority for your facility. This is especially true when your community faces a disaster. Using your destination to support residents during an emergency means transforming the facility into a temporary shelter, aid distribution points, and community command centers. Rocky Top Sports World is a great example of this as they have served as an evacuation shelter during forest fires in the area.

The Sports Facilities Companies are the leaders in planning, developing, and managing sports, recreation, event, and entertainment venues. We are adept at developing impactful partnerships. Are you ready to make the most of your facility? Contact us today at 727-474-3845.


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