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How Location Impacts Your Potential Recreation Center

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Location Factors for a Potential Recreation Center

Choosing the right location for your recreation center is one of the most important decisions you will make as an owner. Of all the things that threaten your startup, choosing the wrong physical space for your facility is among the most dangerous mistakes you can make. Luckily, the experts at SFM have a few tips to help you choose the location of your next project. Check out our tips below for some features you should consider when planning a recreation center.

Planned Physical Layout

The layout of your recreation center will largely determine whether future expansion is an option. If space is limited you may have to redesign instead of expanding, when your center is no longer able to serve your growing membership. During the pre-planning phase, the long-term goals of your planned facility are formed. Decide what is important, what fits your budget, and the minimum size required to meet those two factors.

Choose Your City Location

Most recreation center owners or planners already have a city in mind when they decide to start this process. However, the location within (or outside) of your city is just as important. Map out your competitors, and find areas that are not being well-served. Which of these areas have the greatest concentration of your targeted market audience? Your research should give you a short list of potential communities. Familiarize yourself with those areas before beginning your search for a building location.

Research Existing Building Cost vs New Construction

While it is possible to find an existing building that will work for your recreation center, odds are it will not be perfect. Owners sometimes try to save money by renovating an existing location only to find that the costs associated with a rebuild and future expansions cost them more than the construction of the exact building that meets their needs.

Miscellaneous Factors for a Recreation Center

Some things that aren’t necessarily deal-breakers but you should be mindful of when selecting a location include:

  • Gear Management – Will you have the available storage space to handle things like athletic equipment, FF&E, and utility items?
  • Sanitation – Things like mold, mildew, bacteria, and MRSA are all threats to a recreation center. Choosing a space that is open and promotes airflow and cleanliness can help to eliminate health threats in your building, or at least diminish the threat.
  • Aesthetic – Perhaps the aspect of location selection that is most overrated. While it is certainly a nice bonus if your recreation center happens to have a beautiful view, most customers will be more interested in the quality of your service and business.

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