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How a Mobile App Can Benefit Your Recreation Facility

Smartphone fitness app.

Mobile App Design for Recreation Facilities

Connectivity and interactivity are essential to a modern recreation facility. If you have neglected to adapt to a modern, smartphone-centric society, you are also likely missing out on a significant demographic. As a leader in facility management and leadership, Sports Facilities Management can offer some professional guidance on how a smartphone app can benefit your facility and how to get started.

Simple Interactivity

Creating an interactive experience for the people using your recreation facility is a great way to offer something unique. A mobile app gives the opportunity for anyone using the gym, fitness classes, or any other amenities to connect, track their progress, design and customize fitness routines, pay for certain services without having to use a card, cash, or check, and much more. Apps offer a wide breadth of functionality options. Allowing your facility users to adapt and customize their experience with a smartphone — something most of us carry at almost all times these days — can really make you stand out.

Easy Communication

Another major benefit a custom dedicated app can offer is more direct communication. Having chat or instant messaging options available in the palm of your users’ hands adds an extra layer of dedicated customer service. If you are offering an app with a direct messaging functionality, it is essential that you make sure responses are timely.

An Opportunity for Better Branding

Beyond immediate connectivity for those using your recreation facility, the biggest benefit that having a custom app can provide is branding. Having an app demonstrates that your facility is modern and communicative. It also means that your name, logo, and user experience will be with your users at all times, wherever they are. Through recommendations to other users who may also be interested in your app and using your facility, you also have a major opportunity to increase your attendance.
The key to making the most of this opportunity is making sure the app provides the functionality that your users want, and is professionally designed and implemented. Any issues with it should also be quickly addressed and fixed. It is also vital that your app is secure and provides clear privacy policy information so that your users know that their data and information is protected.

Contact Sports Facilities Management for More Advice

Developing and releasing an app for use in your fitness or recreation facility could just be the start. For more advice and information about management and facility leadership, contact the team at Sports Facilities Management.

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