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Hosting a Dodgeball Tournament at a Recreation Center

How to Host a Dodgeball Tournament at Your Recreation Center

Woman playing dodgeball at recreation center.
Hosting a dodgeball tournament can be a great way to create some revenue at your recreation center and create a great opportunity for your community to get active and have fun. If you are interested in possibly hosting a dodgeball tournament at your recreation center, follow these steps from Sports Facility Management to make sure your event goes off without a hitch!

Plan Ahead

  • First, you need to decide on a date for your tournament. It doesn’t have to only be a single day — if you recruit enough teams, you may end up with a weekend-long event.
  • You will want to gauge interest in your community, contact local schools and businesses to get an idea how large your tournament may be.
  • Market your event! if no one shows up, it will be a flop. You don’t need to spend lots of money for this step. Simply post the event on your recreation center social media and use digital marketing to get the word out.
  • Once you have enough teams signed up, begin planning your bracket, dates, and times. Make sure you have people who will work your event.
  • You will likely need at least three referees (one in the middle and two on the sides) as well as a scorekeeper and someone to work your recreation center front desk for ticket sales and team check-ins.
  • Set an entry fee for teams to help raise the revenue for your event. This will likely be the main source of income for the tournament. Many tournaments will offer prizes to the winners to help entice teams to join. Something as simple and inexpensive as T-shirts or a trophy is often perfect.

Set-Up For Your Tournament

  • Use a basketball court — or tennis court if one is available — in your recreation center, as the boundaries are already created. If your recreation center does not have either option, simply create the boundaries with tape and cones.
  • Have room for spectators. Many recreation centers have bleachers and chairs available. Designate an area that is far enough from the court to keep your spectators from getting hit by a stray dodgeball.
  • Plan for lots of music, refreshments, and merchandise. One of the best ways to raise revenue for a dodgeball tournament is by selling refreshments and merch, and music will keep your event entertaining for everyone.

Improve Your Recreation Center with SFM

Sports Facility Management has a long history of developing sports-related facilities all across the United States. If you have a recreation center that is in need of a team of experts, contact SFM today at 727.877.1791 to learn how we can help you!

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