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Hockey Sports Complex Design and Management Tips


Sports Complex Design and Management for a Hockey Complex

In 1980, one of the biggest upsets in sports history occurred at the Winter Olympics. The US hockey team beat the Soviet Union in the semi-finals, an event dubbed “The Miracle on Ice.” Since this moment, ice hockey in the United States has been steadily increasing in popularity. Here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we specialize in the design and management of any kind of sports complex. If you’re planning on opening a hockey sports complex, we can help you realize your dream. Today we’ll give you some tips to get you started.

Hockey Complex Design

An obviously important aspect of opening a sports complex is how it will be designed. When designing a hockey sports complex there are a few key design attributes you will want to take into consideration.
The first thing you need to figure out is if you want a single rink or twin rinks. Having an additional ice rink may be a good idea if your facility is big enough. This opens up the possibility of multiple games or practices happening at once. Or if a game or practice is going on in one rink, you can open the other rink to free skating. This can drive up revenue, especially when you realize that, although upfront costs are expensive to install another rink, the extra cost of maintaining two rinks isn’t very significant. You will also need to decide how much seating you want in each rink.
You also need to consider how extensive your sports complex will be. Will you only have a hockey rink or will you have a gymnasium as well? Are you planning on installing a gym with or workout machines and free weights? These can be valuable additions to the design of your sports complex. Another thing you will need to include is locker rooms and showers. You will need at least two, one for men and one for women. If you’re hosting games, opposing teams will need their own locker rooms. If you’re planning on having another rink open during game time, you will need additional locker rooms to accommodate people who are free skating.

Hockey Complex Management

When you have a hockey sports complex, it’s important to employ staff and management that is trained and comfortable with the nuances of the business. Ice hockey rinks need to be maintained; they won’t just take care of themselves. You’ll need the proper equipment to make sure the rink stays clean and skateable. Part of this process is using a Zamboni to clean and maintain your ice. You will also need to make sure the rink is kept at the proper temperature for the ice. Having knowledgeable management and staff is important to the upkeep of your facility.

Sports Facilities Advisory Is an Industry Expert

When making these decisions it can really help to have the expertise of a giant in the sports complex industry. That’s where we, at Sports Facilities Advisory, come in. We can guide you through the design process, and Sports Facilities Management can optimize your management and personnel. Contact us or view our website to get started on your dream facility today.

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