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How Good Facility Planning Sets You Up for Success

Facility Planning Success

Facility Planning Helps You in the Long Run

Good facility planning does more than just set you up for short-term success; it helps you plan for growth in the future. When you choose Sports Facilities Management to help plan your new facility, you can rest assured that we’ll help you create a design that will work for you in the years to come. Let’s discuss the benefits of careful facility planning further.

It Gives You a Picture of the Market

Through extensive feasibility assessments and market opportunity studies, facility planning determines how well a facility might do in a given area. Having this picture of the market is invaluable in order to get an idea of what growth opportunities might be. If the market looks like it may grow in the future, you can design your facility to accommodate this fact. Leaving room for your facility to expand makes sure you can make additions after you’re successful and profitable.

It Makes Sure You’re Properly Funded Through Growing Pains

An important part of facility planning is procuring the proper funding and making sure you have enough funding to support your facility in the beginning. At the very beginning, there will probably be some growing pains. You don’t want to run out of money or be short on money during this stage. Financial forecasting and funding efforts ensure that this doesn’t happen. Facility planning also helps to make sure these first-year pains are minimized and prepared for. If the first year goes smoothly, it’s easier for the following years to follow suit.

Planning for Events and Tournaments

If your new facility will be fulfilling a need in the youth sports community, you’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity for years to come. By establishing annual tournaments and events to be held at your facility, you’re creating a tradition that could last for years and potentially decades. These annual events will be constant sources of revenue for you at those times each year. Good facility planning ensures that your facility is able to accommodate these events and tournaments.

Choose SFA/SFM for Your Facility Planning Needs

Facility planning is a multifaceted and often complicated process. Remove uncertainties by hiring a firm with years of experience. Sports Facilities Management and Sports Facilities Advisory works to help you plan for opening and can also manage your facility post-opening. We offer a variety of services for sports complexes and sports facilities. Contact us today for more information and to see how we can help you.

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