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Future Tech Coming to Sports Facilities Near You

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Look for these Future Tech Features at Sports Facilities Soon

The truth is that owners of sports facilities across the world are required to be more technologically nimble than they ever have been in the past. With more people than ever using tech in their day-to-day lives, it is no longer acceptable to ignore tech developments in the sports facilities market. So what does the future of tech in the sports world look like? Today, Sports Facilities Management will discuss some developments to look for on the horizon.

Diversification of Wearable Tech

A major trend that has already arrived but will continue to improve and involve in the very near future is wearable technology. These devices promise to improve our ability to monitor and learn about our body as we work out or compete on the field. We are already seeing health clubs designed around the tracking and monitoring of workout progress. For instance, Orangetheory Fitness recently announced the opening of their 1,000th studio.
You can expect wearable tech to impact large-scale sports stadiums and arenas as well. Smart clothing worn by athletes will allow fans to monitor things like heart rate, speed, and impact of their favorite players. Successful sports facilities will be able to integrate this tech into the experience through smartphone app integration.

Advanced Viewing Experience

The viewing experience of fans is about to go through a revolution. What seemed far-fetched ten years ago is a very real possibility in the near future. Viewers creating their own viewing experience with 360-degree recording and broadcasting is already a possibility, but we may see even more incredible changes on the horizon.
In their bid for the 2022 World Cup, Japan promised to record games with over 200 HD cameras and broadcast them around the world live in 3D. They envisioned holographic projections in hundreds of stadiums across the world. Imagine an in-person experience available to millions of fans simultaneously. While Japan lost their bid, the ability to record and stream gameplay in 360-degree high definition is coming to sports facilities very soon.

Robotic Concession

Robotic automation is coming whether we like it or not. While it’s hard to imagine drones delivering peanuts during the seventh inning stretch, it may be a possibility soon. We may also see linear automated bars serving around the outside of the concourse, removing the need for fans to sit in line for concessions.

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