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Forgotten Sports Complex Amenities for Sports Tourism

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Five Forgotten Sports Complex Amenities for Sports Tourism

If you are developing a sports complex with the intention to break into the sports tourism industry, amenities will play a major part in drawing guests to your facility. Without the right amenities you will struggle to bring in the right talent for your facility, and without the right talent you won’t be able to draw in guests. In today’s blog, Sports Facilities Advisory will look at some forgotten amenities for a sports complex that can help you boost sports tourism.

  1. WiFi Access

In today’s day and age this seems like a no-brainer, but not every sports complex has WiFi. While this isn’t a necessity, offering free WiFi to visitors is a way to make your guests feel taken care of while they are at your facility. You can also use WiFi as a tool to engage with visitors at your facility, through things like online voting or activities. Everybody loves free WiFi, and your visitors will too.  

  1. Easy Parking

When it comes to sports tourism, parking is often one of the most frustrating aspects of the experience. Getting into the stadium or sports complex before the game is stressful, and getting out of the facility afterward is equally frustrating. If you are serious about sports tourism and you want your sports complex to exceed, you will need a good parking solution for your guests.

  1. Rest Areas

Rest areas are often forgotten about in sports complexes because most facilities are filled with stadium seating that is perfect for resting. However, maneuvering through concourses can be difficult for some, whether they be parents with young children or seniors with reduced mobility. It can also be frustrating to have nowhere to sit when waiting on a friend or family member to meet you. Providing your visitors with areas to rest will pay off in the long run.

  1. Comfortable Seating

Nobody goes to a sporting event for comfortable seating. However, people do feel the pain of cheap seating options. It’s important to budget well for your seating solutions and to not simply settle for the cheapest seat. Nobody wants to go to a sporting event and leave with a sore back. Invest in your seating options so you can keep your visitors comfortable.

  1. Charging Stations

When people are at a sporting event, they love taking pictures or capturing video for social media or friends and family. In the sports tourism world, you should take advantage of that. However, with a dead phone battery, it is impossible for people to post those photos and videos to social media. Providing charging stations for guests will make them happy campers.

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