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Essential FF&E Items for a Sports Facility

FF&E exercise equipment at a sports facility

FF&E Items You Need For a Sports Facility

FF&E stands for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment. In the construction of a sports facility, this makes up anything that outfits the building, including tables, chairs, artwork, appliances, and more. In most sports facilities, FF&E makes up one to ten percent of the total development budget, making it a huge investment. Here, Sports Facility Advisory discusses essential FF&E items you need for a new sports facility.

What Counts as FF&E?

Before we discuss what you will need for your sports facility, let’s discuss what actually counts as furniture, fixtures, and equipment. This will help you create your FF&E budget and decide what you will need to purchase. Essentially, FF&E items have no permanent connection to your building. This includes any detached items, such as appliances and furniture, that can be moved throughout the building. Lockers, sinks, ovens, cabinets, and fixed basketball hoops would not count as Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment. Instead, you would include these items in your “construction” budget.
Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment is usually confused with “supplies.” Supplies include any small, general purpose items that have a short lifespan (approximately one year). In most sports facilities, this will include items such as basketballs, footballs, volleyball nets, towels, and jerseys. When you are creating your FF&E budget, be sure to separate these items.

Exercise Equipment

Whether it be for players or guests, almost every sports facility offers an exercise area, making exercise equipment one of the most important items you will include in your FF&E budget. Exercise equipment can include treadmills, stationary bikes, weight benches, and elliptical machines. Depending on the size of your exercise area, equipment may take up a good portion of your budget. When you are budgeting, remember to separate small item like yoga balls, jump ropes, and free weights into your “supplies” budget.


Most sports facilities offer some kind of concessions. Whether you offer a few, simple snack items or a full catering service, you will need refrigerators. These appliances can get expensive so be sure to determine how many refrigerators you will need early in your budgeting process. Other kitchen supplies—such as utensils, plates, and cups—are considered “supplies.”

Tables & Chairs

If you are building a cafeteria, a common area, or a multipurpose room, you will need tables and chairs for your sports facility, When you are purchasing guest seating, do not skimp on quality. Tables and chairs can be expensive to replace so purchase something long-lasting.

Portable Bleachers

Although some sports facilities build attached bleachers during construction, many facilities choose portable bleachers. If you are planning to use your gymnasium for a variety of different events, portable bleachers allow you to create different floor arrangements. Since portable bleachers are installed after construction, they are included in an FF&E budget.

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