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Cryotherapy Recovery at Your Sports Complex

Cryotherapy capsule for rehabilitation treatment.

Perhaps the most important thing a sports complex can do to ensure the success of its business is to find a way to stand out from the crowd. The fact is, the sports facility industry can be a difficult market. Offering unique and compelling attractions at your sports complex is critical, especially as you’re beginning to establish your brand. In this article, Sports Facility Advisory will discuss one of the most exciting attractions coming to sports complexes: Cryotherapy Chambers. What are they? Why should your facility offer them? Read on below to learn more.

Cryotherapy Rehabilitation Benefits

Many cryotherapy businesses will tout the effects of cryo-treatment as a miracle cure with a whole range of benefits, like weight loss and strengthened immune system. The truth is, those claims are not yet scientifically proven, but that doesn’t mean cryotherapy is without benefits. Cryotherapy offers incredible benefits for muscle rehabilitation. Users who combine compression with cryotherapy can experience faster muscle healing and increased blood flow, resulting in improved muscle growth and recovery.
This is incredibly beneficial to a sports complex, as athletic teams interested in hosting sporting events at your facility can recover and rehabilitate immediately after their games.  If you want to attract high-profile events to your sports complex, it is important that your facilities and amenities measure up. Cryotherapy rehabilitation chambers can be a headline feature you can use to attract major events.
It isn’t only athletic teams you can attract with cryotherapy chambers. Don’t overlook the potential draw of cryo-rehabilitation for the fitness enthusiast. All of the benefits to muscle rehabilitation and recovery make cryotherapy incredibly attractive for those looking to get the most out of their workouts. If your sports complex offers weight training — cryotherapy chambers are the perfect pairing.

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